First and foremost, comfort. I want you to pick a place that you are excited to be at, where you can open up and explore with out caution. Lets have fun! The more emotion you show, the better your photos will be at telling the story. My favorite kind of session is where the kids are excited to play and are completely oblivious to the camera. Hands down I want you to be comfortable. Pick clothes you wont fuss with, set up a fun activity to get the kids laughing and running around! Honestly, your stories will be a mix of the posed and the free spirit, and you will walk away with memories of a great time. What more could you ask for?!



Lets set the date! Pick what time is ideal for your littles, AM or PM, and we will work out a fun location, talk about style, and all you have to do is show up and play. I will talk to you, engage with you, and probably try to become your kids best friend. Honestly, family portraits are the most authentic when you are being yourself, not what you think you should be. This also applies for the extended families, lets get the whole crew together! 


Babies are on their own schedule. I respect this, and I work with this. First, we only do newborn sessions in the comfort of your home. You do all the snuggling, hushing, and gentle kisses and I just get to make sure you are in the right light. Newborn sessions are relaxing, cozy and all about the process. I can also guarantee that if your newbie decides to be awake the whole time, seeing those beautiful big eyes are not a bad thing, and you will porbably have a very sleepy baby the rest of the afternoon. 



What a time! These photos will be a treasure to look at, you have no idea how much you will change in the next year and having these memories to look back on...well, its a lot like having newborn photos, except this time you have a say. Now is your chance to show off! The locations are endless, the outfits are fun, and I am so laid back you have nothing to worry about in front of me. You can bring mom and dad, your best friend, or just yourself. I will help guide you, sometimes we need to be told what to do with our hands, but I will also let you do your own thing. The joys of this is that there are very few rules. I'll get the yearbook shot of course, but beyond that you will have photos that you can share and reshare on all the social media you desire. 


I'll be honest, this is about as simple as it gets. Plan a date, and I will tag along. Lets picnic in the park, go for a hike, or make dinner together. I have a million ideas but what it comes down to is you two engaging with eachother. Your emotions will be the truth behind the lens and I am ready to capture that. I look forward to it! This doesn't have to be just before a wedding either, think anniversary, just because, or an announcement. These are the first photos you will share with your family. What better way to capture that legacy you have just begun.