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What Mondays Mean To Me...

Just the faintest bit of light glows from behind your curtains. Its the sign that morning has come and you can wake. You gather your soft blankie, your current favorite stuffie, and open your door. Ready, now or never, you take your sweet footsteps down the hall into the bedroom where I am waiting. You and I are in sync , or maybe its His work, but I tend to open my eyes just minutes before your door opens. I love the sound of your little feet coming for me. And that morning hair never dissapoints. You climb in, and get under the covers and we wake up together. Slow and steady. A few whispers, lots of hugging, and all the good morning kisses. Mondays are the best way to start the week.  

I clean up the dishes from breakfast, its a chore but still so thankful for the opportunity, even in the mundane. Typically eggs and toast for Mama, pancake with powdered sugar and rainbow sprinkles for you and berries for the brain. Monday requires fuel. Whats the plan for today? Swimming, coffee shop date, walking adventure? One thing is for sure, always pack snacks. And a water bottle. You never know when you'll need reinforcements. 

Hands down, essential way to fill up your proverbial cup, and to be honest mine too, turn the music on- get up- and dance party! Dance it out. Always. This is the ultimate judgement free zone, and I learn so much from you in these minutes of letting it go and just being in the moment. 

Hold on sweetheart, stand there for a second, look at me, now look up at the sky, look at me again... don’t laugh... don’t laugh... don’t laugh... ok. Laugh. I love to make you smile. You tolerate the photos I insist on snapping, but they always come with joy. So, I don’t think you mind all that much. One day you'll appreciate the highlight reel I have curated. Maybe. But right now, i appreciate it. When I'm not with you, I can look through the feed and see your smiling face on the adventure we probably should have packed double snacks for.

Nothing beats that post swim, showered up, in your cozy clothes, warm skin, cool AC blowing, and resting on the couch. It was a good day. And now we wait, patiently with content. LB barks her head off the second he gets home, no surprises allowed, we are just as excited. Cue the "Daddys Home" screech and running hug. Mondays are not over, this is just the icing on top of the cake when we all get to be together. We are such a trio and the circle is complete. Whats the plan for tonight? Games, bike ride, popcorn and a movie?
Its been a full day, busy is not the right word since every moment was with intention. I've invested in myself, and most importantly in you. We snuggle up on your bed, reading books and telling dad all about our day. Don't leave out the bad, because that is where the real is. Emotions are big, and they happen, and its how we react to them that is important, so telling daddy how upset you got is being raw and honest, take that with you in everyday life. That is important.

I cant quite find the words to describe what Mondays mean to me, its more of a feeling, a lot of feelings actually. And moments. Its the sound of your morning walk, your first hug that i was waiting for. Its the sound of you calling for help, and I’m there for you. Its knowing we can go anywhere, do anything, and be together. That’s the part… Together. We do it all together. The entire day is for us to enjoy, and seize. Sometimes the words are hard to find, but the feelings are overwhelming and that is what Mondays mean to me. 


The M. Family - Waukesha, WI Family Photographer

The M. Family - Waukesha, WI Family Photographer